Nazaré is a village with a spectacular beach, the white houses of fishermen and huge cliffs over an intense blue sea, which make this fishing village a tourist destination of choice. A typical fishing village, with white houses spread over steep slopes, and surrounded by huge cliffs, Nazaré is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the country, which has managed to maintain many of its traditions. Nowadays it is still possible to stroll through the streets of Nazaré, and particularly on its pleasant wall next to the beach, and find places housing the typical costumes of this village, the fishermen dressed in plaid shirts and black pants, and their wives with seven petticoats, often performing the typical fishing tasks of the region: mending fishing nets or drying fish on the sand. Nazaré, despite being a small and picturesque village, has become a world surfing destination and attracts more and more tourists. We would have to include Nazaré in this 1-day itinerary to Fátima 4 Cities departing from Lisbon

Praia do Norte, located in the village of Nazaré, is the stage for the biggest wave surfed in the world. For those who want to see the giant waves that put the country on the route of the bravest surfers in the world. Remember that this is a phenomenon of nature – and it can change at any time. There are days when there are giant waves, and on other days a much calmer sea. This experience of watching the giant waves in Nazaré would have to be included in this tour to give you the opportunity to witness this phenomenon.

This tour passes through Óbidos.

The medieval village of Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well preserved in Portugal. Another moment in the History of Portugal and the opportunity on this tour to Fátima to visit this beautiful medieval village with its majestic castle. Close enough to Lisbon and situated on a high point, close to the Atlantic coast, Óbidos had a strategic importance in the territory. Already occupied before the Romans arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, the village became more prosperous from the moment it was chosen by the royal family. Since the king D. Dinis offered it to his wife D. Isabel, in the 19th century. In the 13th century, it belonged to the Casa das Rainhas which, throughout the various dynasties, benefited and enriched it. It is one of the main reasons for finding so many churches in this small town. Within the walls, we find a well-preserved castle and a labyrinth of streets and white houses that enchant those who walk there. Among Manueline porticos, flowered windows and small squares, there are several reasons to visit, good examples of the religious and civil architecture of the village’s heyday. There’s nothing like ending the 1-day tour to Fátima 4 Cities in the best way from Lisbon

Route: Lisbon – Nazaré  / Nazaré – Óbidos / Óbidos – Lisbon
Duration: 8 hours
Price: 375 euros