If when you were a child you would have liked to have been a prince or princess, here is the opportunity to redeem yourself from that repression that haunted you until adulthood.

We will take you to one of the most beautiful and mystical places that our country has to show you, where you will feel as if you had stepped out of a time machine. A wonderful place that transports us to a medieval era, full of palaces, chalets, a castle as a symbol of our history and, sometimes, a pleasant sea air with fragrant horse feces.

Don’t pay attention to the countless tourists that are there… They are people who are looking for the Witches and Fairies who told them that they existed there.

About Cascais, we will take you to discover our most fancy and chic area. A place where, in the past, the international aristocracy – the kings and queens – hid from their institutional duties. A place where they could rest and contemplate the geographical beauty that surrounded them…

It is such a chic place that the families that live there, even without money, live a luxurious life as if they were still living in an old monarchy.

You will love this tour, not only for the surrounding landscapes but, above all, for the glamor that this place offers. The sunset there is something impossible to describe.

Route: Vila de Sintra, Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira, Seteais, Monserrate, Cabo da Roca.
Duration: 7/8 hours
Price: 350 euros