Who has never fallen in love with a city, or country? Or who has never been in love with someone, in another city, or in another country?
Well, Lisbon (and Portugal, in general) is one of those places.
A place that inspires and enchants us, through its history, culture, customs, people and, above all, the way the Portuguese welcome those who visit us for the first time. It’s love at first sight.

“The Portuguese Buddy” arises, exactly, for the love that two childhood friends have for their city and for their country, and for the desire they have to pass this love on to those who have never visited this country. And make them fall in love too. Definitely.

“The Portuguese Buddy” is the embodiment of friendship and companionship. He is the ideal friend to discover the best this country has to offer. And even better: experiences that will stay in your memories forever. Because when we find a true friend, it’s for life.

Welcome to The Portuguese Buddy