About us

A friend who knows the best that a city can offer - the food, the best spots, the strangest people and caricatures, the best stories, but above all, its essence.

A friend who is more than a simple friend, and who will make a simple visit an experience for life


A friend who makes you laugh while you know the history of the city, a friend who will comfort you if you are down, a friend that you can fall in love with, or, perhaps, introduce you to the person who will take you to the altar (if you have not yet found your half face).
A friend who will always be ready to help you and you and who you take with you. The craziest friend you'll ever meet. And, of course, your biggest confidant who, at the same time, will show you the best that Lisbon has to give you.

A friend who is always ready to help you, and whoever is with you. The craziest friend you'll ever meet, and, of course, someone you can have confidence in, while at the same time they're showing you the best.


Your Portuguese friend will be your most faithful friend. your most likeable friend. Your most hospitable friend. Your funniest friend. Your most romantic friend and your most adventurous friend.

You will never forget your Portuguese friend.




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