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Full Day Lisbon

Be a part of our history + Be a Hipster + Be a sailor + Get to know the Newtown + Praise the Lord

Full Day Sintra Cascais

If, when you were a child, you dreamt of being a prince or princess, here you have the opportunity to free yourself of this obsession that has ha...

Half Day Lisbon

Be a part of our history + Be a Hipster + Be a sailor

Half Day Sintra

If, when you were a child, you dreamt of being a prince or princess, here you have the opportunity to free yourself of this obsession that has ha...

Costline Cascais

In this tour, we will take you to get to know our most fancy and chic zone. A place where once the international aristocracy - the kings and...

Historical Centre

A true adventure you will never forget. Up and down streets and alleys (some where you can only pass if you have not eaten too much breakfast), y...

Bohemian District

If you are looking for style or a new stage on which to play the aspiring movie actor, or if you simply want to dust off your old-fashioned cloth...

Costline Belém

This is the tour that will make you feel more manly. You will see that our great navigators sailed into the ocean as if it were merely a swimming...

River Side

If you are one of the faithful, or if you just enjoy a good hug, we will take you to a Lord who is ready with open arms to receive you. You wi...

Get to know the Newtown

Here you will feel the pulsating business heart of our city, in such a way that you may even think that we are a rich country and full of money.


Évora is the capital of Portugal's south-central Alentejo region. In the city's historic center stands the ancient Roman Temple of Évora (also...

Fátima Óbidos Nazaré

Fátima Óbidos Nazaré


Porto is a charming city, situated on the slopes of the river Douro, near its mouth. Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its...

Lisbon Christmas Lights Tour

During Christmas month, Lisbon gets a new glow and fills up even with more magic! With the Christmas season, comes the illuminations and one of...


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Jacquie Long

August 22, 2019

The best tour!! We were looking for a tour from Lisbon to Sintra and happened to see the buggy drive past.. the price for the tailored, friendly, funny and honestly local experience is well worth every cent. Pick up and drop off from our hotel was not a second late and made everything super easy, and to bypass the crowds where possible and make the most of our time was a massive bonus. A huge thank you to Jośe for looking after us so well. And thanks for returning our mobile after we left it on your back seat! All the best guys!

Magdalena Złotek-Biela

September 16, 2019

We loved the day spent with the Portuguese Buddy so much!!! It was real fun!! A ride in that car is a great adventure!!! Pedro - our guide - was so helpul!! It was really interesting listening to him! I’m sure we couldn’t see all this amazing places without that trip. Next time we gonna be back with our kids!!!

Ate ja’!!!


October 2, 2019

Recomendo o passeio de tuk tuk em Lisboa, pelos centros históricos... Fizemos o passeio em 5 pessoas com essa empresa, com o guia Thiago Mendes... Excelente guia turístico, nos deu uma aula de história, muito animado, tem ótimas indicações de restaurantes... Passeio obrigatório em Lisboa...

Aisling Boyle

July 28, 2017

The tour was fantastic! We had a great time at Cascais and beautiful Cabo da Roca with our amazing guide Ricardo- an impromptu day out in our open top green Renault!!! Thanks so much- will recommend to all!! Well worth a booking!!

Tours For Lovers, Friends and ordninary people

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